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On a global scale, Enterprises trust Kumoco

Enterprises aim to choose software platforms that help them to achieve their strategic goals. Such a platform should make work easier and more efficient.

This is where ServiceNow comes in

Billed as the future of work, ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great
experiences and unlock productivity.

Kumoco Cloud Manager is Built on Now certified, symbolising its efficiency Simplicity and is fully native in ServiceNow’s instance.

Applications that are ‘Built On Now’ take that even further: native applications that have the primary business logic, user experience, and end customer value are all driven, experienced, and designed on ServiceNow.

Enter Kumoco Cloud Manager: a ServiceNow Built On Now application that builds upon world class cloud management capabilities to the ServiceNow platform.

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When it comes to cloud management capabilities, Kumoco Cloud Manager provides incredible automation capabilities that are ready to go out-of-the-box.

Operational Orchestration
  • Manage your cloud resources from ServiceNow, taking automatic actions like stopping/starting resources, setting schedules, and cleaning up unused resources
  • Use automation to schedule changes and updates, handled through Change Management
Continual Analysis
  • Automatic retrieval of metrics generate cost saving recommendations that can be automatically implemented
  • Security compliance checks are constantly audited, from cloud account levels down to the cloud resource levels
  • Retrieved from cloud accounts on a daily basis, billing and cost data is automatically distributed into your required allocation units
  • Run-rate forecasts and budget threshold monitoring are updated daily against your allocation units -- No waiting until you receive a monthly invoice

ServiceNow’s Built on Now designation is proven to meet very strict security and performance best practices. In terms of reliability and value optimization, a Built on Now application is the highest designation an application in the ServiceNow store can earn.

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