Tagging Strategy

Quickly implement your tagging strategy with our universal tag manager. Kumoco allows you to apply tags based on logic at any level you require, including cloud accounts and resource types

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Tagging is a big deal when
using public cloud

Whether an organisation is utilising a single public cloud provider or leveraging the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, there is a wide variety of resources, services, and costs to manage, analyse, and report on

An important part of this is having a consistent and effective tagging strategy

Tags are metadata values (names and labels) that provide identifying information about resources and their purpose

Practical Use of Tags

With a solid tagging strategy in place, your business benefits from valuable visibility and operational capabilities answering key questions like:


“How much does it cost us to deliver a service?” and “How much budget has a cost centre consumed year-to-date?”


“How is an application performing on its currently deployed resources?” and “What alerts are being generated for a service?”


“Are we using the lowest-cost options in our development environments?”

Kumoco Cloud Manager ensures that you have a successful tagging strategy and offers key functionality to ensure there is responsibility in place for your cloud and your costs are under control

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